The Infamous Punch Quest Horse Mode

If you’ve been playing Punch Quest for a while, then you’ve undoubtedly heard little Gnomey go off about a ‘Horse Mode’. Much like the secret Cow Level in Diablo, the mode is fabled to have tons of loot and enemies so difficult you’ll wonder why you even tried to access it. However, those that find the horse level and conquer the horrors within, are rewarded handsomely with tons of Punchos. So how can you find the Punch Quest Horse mode, what are the best techniques in conquering said level, and what are the best rewards you can attain when you finally finish? Unfortunately, much like Diablo’s obsession with cows, there is no horse mode.

punch quest

Why would you betray me Gnomey?

Well, the truth is out, and now you know that Horse Mode Punch Quest is another myth you can resign to the writers being bored out of their skulls. Of course, that isn’t to say the little guy Gnomey is trying to trick you, it just means that the developers are probably throwing back to the old Diablo meme and legend stating that if you click on a cow long enough, you get to a secret level. Eventually, the developers might make an actual level featuring evil horses, but for now, it would seem like the quote is simply a reference to another game that might have influenced the programmers and developers.

 How big did the Cow Level get?

If you don’t follow the Diablo series, then you probably don’t understand just how big the whole ‘Cow Level’ fiasco got. During the early years of the internet, rumors spread like wildfire about a mythical level with tons of treats for those that kept at it long enough. However, the developers had already confirmed that there really isn’t a cow level in Diablo long before the legend got retired. They even have a cheat in the StarCraft series that states ‘There is no cow level’. However, Diablo II got a different treatment because finally, they added a cow level, complete with angry, halberd wielding mad cows that are going to trample you into oblivion. The Cow level in Diablo III is a little weirder though as they contain angry unicorns instead.

punch quest

What’s the purpose of this little meme?

Well, other than being hilarious, it might actually be hinting at an eventual level the developers are planning to add into Punch Quest. The Cow Level fiasco actually did inspire a lot of fan love, so it might be a means for Rocket Cat to gather a little more support for the game. Other than that, why not just start another round of endless punch-y goodness?

 Punch Quest is filled with Easter Eggs

This isn’t the first wink this game has to other games. It has a lot of little Easter Eggs you can try to find if you have enough time to do so, and it will be rewarding if you’re really into the whole gaming scene. The most visual of the eggs come in the form of Statues that feature prominent characters from other iOS titles as well as other games on different consoles.